About Us

Our early footprints

As with many businesses, ours started without a business in mind, it was something we enjoyed doing.  Our fun started many years back, as special 'daughter/father time' around the holidays.  My daughter thought up the idea - to create a new (to us) flavor of fudge every year.  Now we didn't quite hit our goal of  one every year but over the years we have comprised a bit of a list, all taste tested by family, friends and co-workers.  And we'll continue to create as our journey continues!

Helloooo Ventura County!!!

We are starting with little steps, right out of our kitchen.  As such, we have a boundary of within the Ventura County border.  We apologize, but at this very moment in time, we are not allowed to mail our products.  But delivery will be made anywhere within the Ventura County line.  For our out-of- state guests, just give us an idea when you'll be visiting the Thousand Oaks/Camarillo area, and we'll be sure to have an order ready for you!  Once we are able to ship, we'll announce the news!

Our fudge

We do not pre-make any of our fudge, as fudge has a general 'shelf-life' of one to two weeks in an air tight container at room temperature (location and humidity will alter this timeline a bit).  Refrigerated in an air tight container can add an additional week.  I don't know about you, but my sweet tooth doesn't let anything that's good and sweet last much longer than a few days anyway! :)   It's written that freezing will add several months, but we are testing this ourselves to see how the taste remains after months in the freezer.  

So please be patient when ordering, as sales volume may cause small delays in receiving your order.  All fudge is made fresh, within 48-72 hours of your order.  If there are further unforseen delays, we will communicate with you to keep you informed.